Throughout the world some children have the wonderful opportunity to be exposed to many
kinds of music while they are growing in their mother’s wombs. In Colombia where Dora was
born, her parents had intentionally invested their time and talent in learning to play a variety of
instruments and were members of various local choirs. Dora’s parents believed music was the
highest form of art. They wanted their children to have opportunities to learn to play different
instruments, sing and have the joy of making music with others. Even when Dora’s mother was
in labor with Dora’s grandmother and great-grandmother in attendance, her father welcomed
her into the world by playing recordings of Bach’s Brandemburg concertos during the labor and
delivery. Music became part of Dora’s life before she took her first breath.
With parents focused on providing rich musical learning experiences, Dora’s childhood included
many opportunities to engage in musical groups and make music in a variety of different
settings. Her father was a music teacher at the Diocesan High School where he directed the
Tuna (a musical tradition from Spain) where Dora as a 4-year old began performing as
tambourine player.

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